Despite whacking Windows, Linux gets too little respect

January 20, 2012
A decade on, management holds onto an outdated view of Linux that may be hindering its adoption
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Resistance is futile: IT will love consumerization too

January 06, 2012
Appliance and workload-optimized systems in data centers are a logical outcome of the consumerization of IT
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Mozilla's 3 bold bets to keep the Web open

December 23, 2011
Google's latest agreement with Mozilla will ironically fund three new areas of competition between Google and Mozilla
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Microsoft Azure gets an open source rival

December 16, 2011
Tier 3's Cloud Foundry-based .Net cloud offering gives VMware an entrée into the .Net application market, but will VMware seize the opportunity?
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Kindle Fire's rough edges reflect poorly on Android

November 28, 2011
It's unfair to compare $200 Amazon reader with slick, costlier Apple and Microsoft tablets -- but that's what users will do
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Why devops is no silver bullet for developers

November 18, 2011
You can't automate what you can't standardize, so devops can't address a key developer frustration
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Why OpenStack will falter

November 04, 2011
Open source history suggests that Eucalyptus, a private cloud implementation of Amazon Web Services, will triumph over OpenStack
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From Facebook's data center to yours: 'Open source' hardware

October 28, 2011
Facebook, Intel, Red Hat, and others seek to bring open source thinking to the data center, but buyers may not get what they expect
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Enterprise cloud providers must borrow from Apple's playbook

October 07, 2011
But IT departments may not be ready to give up a degree of control to reduce time to value, complexity, and costs
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The hidden hardware challenge for Windows 8

September 16, 2011
Predicting the fate of Microsoft's PC business based on the Windows 8 software alone is a mistake
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