Ubuntu and Android: A match made in open source

May 04, 2012
Canonical's Ubuntu for Android shows how open source can foster new ideas
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Is GPL licensing in decline?

April 27, 2012
As Apache licenses proliferate, two warring camps have formed over whether the GPL is or isn't falling out of favor
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The real reason behind Microsoft's leap into open source

April 20, 2012
Microsoft has created a new open source subsidiary. Is this a sign of greater openness, or are there darker motives?
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High stakes for open source in the commercial cloud

April 13, 2012
Push for open source in public clouds is less about users' flexibility and freedom, more to do with competitive power
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If Oracle wins its Android suit, everyone loses

April 06, 2012
Besides Google, biggest loser is free culture in general and open source in particular. Here's your guide to what's at stake
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Red Hat's $1 billion proves value of software freedom

March 30, 2012
CIOs have become slaves to licenses and restrictions placed on them by software vendors, except when choosing open source
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Is BYOD the precursor to the open source desktop?

March 23, 2012
Bring your own device is still a grassroots rebellion for many companies, but it could be the future of the enterprise desktop
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Why software patents are evil

March 16, 2012
Yahoo's action against Facebook reminds us why most open source developers hate software patents -- and what one community has done about them
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Linux gets a bigger shield against patent attacks

March 09, 2012
Long-needed change by industry association formed to protect Linux from software patents finally arrives -- but beware the exceptions
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The bright future of LibreOffice

March 02, 2012
A year ago, the storied quest for a viable open source office suite was in peril. The LibreOffice project turned all that around -- and exciting new innovations promise another leap ahead
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