How to solve Java's security problem

August 20, 2014
Bringing application security natively into the JVM can provide stronger, faster, more accurate protection against dangerous vulnerabilities
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Why you need to deploy DNSSec now

August 05, 2014
Putting off updating your DNS servers to DNSSec? Do you really want to risk cache poisoning? DNS luminary Cricket Liu tells about the risks and why you can't wait
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Getting your hands on data with mobile analytics

July 16, 2014
Mobile touchscreen interfaces, when designed correctly, provide a more intimate relationship with business data. Donald Farmer of Qlik offers his take on three key UI design principles
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How virtualization is lifting us to the cloud

July 09, 2014
Server virtualization has been a huge win for the data center. Nimboxx CTO David Cauthron explains how the next phase will deliver dramatic benefits in the cloud
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Know your options for infrastructure monitoring

July 02, 2014
As the number and variety of monitoring tools grow, it's getting harder to track which metrics to collect and why. Ernest Mueller of CopperEgg walks you through the decision points
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How to choose between custom and commodity clouds

June 26, 2014
Dramatic price drops have helped popularize cloud computing. But as Brent Bensten of Carpathia observes, big enterprise workloads often require more configurability and control
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Cloud-based analytics offer insight to all

June 18, 2014
Conventional analytics deliver value to an elite few. Tidemark CEO Christian Gheorghe explains how his cloud-based analytics platform offers insight to the whole organization
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Fast data: The next step after big data

June 11, 2014
Open source tools help companies process data streams. To bring in complex queries and transactional capabilities, VoltDB's John Hugg suggests adding an in-memory NewSQL data store
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5 signs you're outgrowing MySQL

May 28, 2014
MySQL has earned its huge installed base. But as Scott Sullivan of Clustrix argues, performance warning signs may indicate it's time to consider a NewSQL alternative
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How JSON sparked NoSQL -- and will return to the RDBMS fold

May 21, 2014
Developers rely on JSON -- giving rise to NoSQL document databases. VoltDB CTO Ryan Betts predicts JSON will ultimately be incorporated into relational database software, too
NoSQL, JavaScript, SQL
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