SDN success in the real world

January 29, 2014
You've heard the SDN hype, but where's the benefit? According to Andrew Warfield of Coho Storage, it's in the applications, and he has an example to prove it
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Cloud storage controllers soothe cloud anxiety

January 08, 2014
Cloud storage sounds great until performance, availability, and security concerns arise. As Ranajit Nevatia of Panzura explains, cloud storage controllers offer an elegant prescription
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Scaling and querying large NoSQL databases

December 27, 2013
The NoSQL revolution has happened so fast, few have a handle on the key architectural issues. Rahim Yaseen of Couchbase walks us through several crucial points
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4 ways network virtualization improves security

December 18, 2013
Network virtualization is not only essential to a mature cloud infrastructure, it also beefs up security, argues VMware's Rod Stuhlmuller
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6 things you should know about Node.js

December 11, 2013
Node.js gives JavaScript coders an on-ramp to the server side, with easy access to tons open source code packages. Here are six high points courtesy of Joyent, the company behind Node.js
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To secure the Internet of things, assume failure

November 27, 2013
With billions of connected devices, each potentially vulnerable, you can't harden every endpoint -- so consider this practical security alternative
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The rise of white-box switches

November 20, 2013
Software-defined networking centralizes control logic and argues for generic switch hardware -- and should drive strong adoption of white-box switches
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A road map to software-defined infrastructure

November 13, 2013
You can't shift to a software-defined data center overnight, but you can't stick to old, labor-intensive ways, either. IBM's Jamie Thomas tells you how to get there
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The ultimate guide to preventing DNS-based DDoS attacks

October 30, 2013
Celebrated author/Infoblox technologist Cricket Liu explains how to prevent DNS-based DDoS attacks -- and avoid being an unwitting accomplice to one
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SDN, big data, and the self-optimizing network

October 23, 2013
SDN will eventually relieve the burden of manual reconfiguration, but only when we collect and process enough data to enable the network to optimize itself
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