To secure the cloud, keep all your keys in one place

May 14, 2014
Cloud services may be more secure than the average data center, but managing access -- including handling encryption keys -- raises new risks. Larry Warnock of Gazzang offers one answer
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SDN secrets of Amazon and Google

May 07, 2014
The agility potential of SDN has generated excitement -- but also confusion. Juniper Networks' Chloe Ma unpacks the SDN benefits and techniques used by the world's largest clouds
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Turn application metrics into business value

April 23, 2014
Every business needs to monitor its performance. What better place to look than your key applications? Lew Cirne, CEO of New Relic, explains the value of software analytics
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How to build a big data supply chain

April 16, 2014
To get the most from big data, you must marshal new infrastructure and develop new collaborative processes. John Haddad of Informatica provides salient examples
Big Data
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Big data needs software-defined storage

April 09, 2014
With demands for agility and capacity, storage systems can't be islands. IBM's Ronald Riffe explains how software-defined storage provides a broad, hardware-independent solution
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Dealing with the application explosion

April 02, 2014
Users deal with more apps across more devices than ever before. How to meet the management challenge? Citrix's Chandra Sekar and Kevin Strohmeyer offer an answer
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7 truths about data in the cloud

March 06, 2014
Fresh from the IBM acquisition, Cloudant CEO Derek Schoettle offers his take on how the migration of data to the cloud is changing IT
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How to benefit from the identity data explosion

February 20, 2014
Everyone wants to avoid being the next Target. Brian Milas, CTO at Courion, explains how to use the rich data generated by identity and access control solutions to reduce risk
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Big data demands more than commodity hardware

February 12, 2014
A Hadoop cluster of white-box servers isn't the only platform for big data. IBM's Dexter Henderson argues that enterprise analytics require specialized, high-performance iron
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Why open source will rule the data center

February 05, 2014
According to Michael Bushong of networking startup Plexxi, three commonly occurring conditions ensure that open source software will steadily widen its data center footprint
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