Archives: May 2014

5 signs you're outgrowing MySQL

May 28, 2014
MySQL has earned its huge installed base. But as Scott Sullivan of Clustrix argues, performance warning signs may indicate it's time to consider a NewSQL alternative
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How JSON sparked NoSQL -- and will return to the RDBMS fold

May 21, 2014
Developers rely on JSON -- giving rise to NoSQL document databases. VoltDB CTO Ryan Betts predicts JSON will ultimately be incorporated into relational database software, too
NoSQL, JavaScript, SQL
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To secure the cloud, keep all your keys in one place

May 14, 2014
Cloud services may be more secure than the average data center, but managing access -- including handling encryption keys -- raises new risks. Larry Warnock of Gazzang offers one answer
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SDN secrets of Amazon and Google

May 07, 2014
The agility potential of SDN has generated excitement -- but also confusion. Juniper Networks' Chloe Ma unpacks the SDN benefits and techniques used by the world's largest clouds
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