Is computer science a dead end in the workforce?

July 15, 2010
As tools grow more advanced and more coding moves offshore, the need for advanced development expertise is on the decline
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10 ways curated app stores undermine developers

July 08, 2010
The locked-down app store software delivery models limit choice for developers -- and ultimately hurts users
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Is the SaaS experiment finally over?

July 01, 2010
Software as a service hasn't had as big an impact as was once expected. Should developers take the hint?
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Why mobile platforms need to embrace Free Software

June 24, 2010
By creating environments hostile to the GPL, Apple and other smartphone vendors could be setting back mobile computing by years
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Developers' new opportunity: Retailers' open APIs

June 17, 2010
To compete with the likes of and Wal-Mart, retailers are turning to developers to boost their competitive advantage
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Apple's HTML5 promotion may backfire

June 10, 2010
Apple's latest attempt to show off the HTML5 features of its newest Safari browser does more harm than good
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How to get rejected from the App Store

June 03, 2010
Often puzzling, always frustrating, the list of reasons why developers are denied access to Apple's iPhone App Store grows ever longer
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Are we ready for a true data disaster?

May 27, 2010
A catastrophic leak at a major data-gathering organization could have an impact as profound as any oil spill
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VMware's master plan for portable Java in the cloud

May 20, 2010
Through partnerships with Google,, and others, the virtualization vendor is working to enable the cloud portability that customers crave
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HTML: Still not all it's cracked up to be

May 13, 2010
The ever-growing jumble of standards, frameworks, and tools does little to ease the pain of Web application development
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