Is it time to put the brakes on Java?

December 09, 2010
The Java SE 7 and 8 specifications have the green light, but commercial pressures threaten to derail what should be a community effort
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Who killed Sony SNAP?

December 02, 2010
Sony flirted with brilliance when it announced an open source platform for consumer electronics. So why did it pull the project days later?
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Microsoft should embrace hardware hackers

November 18, 2010
Open source Kinect software demonstrates the value independent developers can bring to commercial products
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The coming war over the future of Java

November 11, 2010
With Oracle tightening its grip and the Apache Foundation threatening revolt, could this be the end of the Java Community Process as we know it?
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Developer dilemma: Does Silverlight have a future?

November 05, 2010
Amid mounting competition from HTML5 and Flash, Microsoft's RIA platform faces an uphill battle to win developers
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Apple tightens its grip on developers with Mac App Store

October 28, 2010
If Apple's new software channel is the shape of things to come, desktop application developers have a lot to worry about
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Are software architects necessary?

October 21, 2010
Ray Ozzie is stepping down as Microsoft's chief software architect, and some say good riddance. Are they right?
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Adobe and Microsoft vs. Google and Apple?

October 14, 2010
A partnership between two software titans could be a powerful force in the Web and mobile development markets
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Can software development get its groove back?

October 07, 2010
Coders have gotten a bum rap for too long -- and if the trend doesn't reverse, it could spell bad news for U.S. industry
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Is open source a dead end for desktop applications?

October 01, 2010
Try as they might, open source desktop apps never gained much ground against proprietary rivals -- and maybe they never will
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