An uncertain future for open source .Net

May 05, 2011
Layoffs at Attachmate put the future of the Mono Project in question, dimming hopes for cross-platform C# development
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Why users don't trust mobile apps

April 28, 2011
Apple's iPhone privacy woes point to serious issues mobile developers can't afford to ignore
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Red Hat's Ceylon language is an unneeded tempest in a teapot

April 22, 2011
Is yet another Java makeover really the best that the leading Linux vendor has to offer?
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Planning a development project? Bring your wallet

April 14, 2011
Companies are spending ever more of their IT budgets on software development, but are they really making progress or just padding vendors' bottom lines?
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7 Web UI mistakes to avoid for smartphones and tablets

April 07, 2011
Your website might be gorgeous, but is it really cross-platform? Don't be so sure
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What to expect from Gosling at Google

March 31, 2011
Google has lots of Java projects in the works, but the search giant and Java's creator don't always see eye to eye
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Will Orion get developers to code in the cloud?

March 24, 2011
The Eclipse Foundation's Orion Web-based developer platform has a long way to go if it hopes to replace traditional tools
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Good-bye Google Gears, hello HTML5

March 17, 2011
Google's decision to transition its applications to Web standards offers telling insight into the HTML5 standardization process
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Adobe's Flash-to-HTML5 translator: Smart but not pretty

March 10, 2011
Adobe's experimental Wallaby tool makes the case for a multiformat Web, but in a hands-on test, it leaves much to be desired
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How to (accidentally) sabotage a developer program

March 03, 2011
A strong developer ecosystem is a valuable asset, but for vendors, balancing developer needs and business objectives can be a challenge
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