Facebook shouldn't be afraid to rewrite its code, and neither should you

July 14, 2011
When your application's load outstrips its ability to scale, sometimes the best solution is to start over from scratch
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Let's face it: HTML5 is no app dev panacea

July 07, 2011
Don't believe the hype: building serious applications still takes more than mere Web markup
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Developer error: The most dangerous programming mistakes

June 30, 2011
No language or platform guarantees app security as long as developers repeat the same old blunders
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Why Johnny can't program -- and how that can change

June 23, 2011
Today's schools are actually turning kids away from computer science, and it will take innovative programs to reverse the trend
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Are Java and .Net becoming legacy platforms?

June 16, 2011
Frustrated by infighting and unclear strategy, even enterprise developers may soon start looking elsewhere
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It's time to lower the ax on obsolete browsers

June 09, 2011
Google is phasing out support for older versions of Firefox, IE, and Safari. It's time more Web developers did the same
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Lodsys vs. developers: Can Apple save the day?

June 02, 2011
An obscure company called Lodsys has mobile app developers in its crosshairs, and small software firms must weigh their options
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Mobile, cloud, and the evolution of application development

May 26, 2011
Next-gen information services will treat browsers and devices as equal clients. The challenge is building them
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Bug bounties: Outbidding the black hats

May 19, 2011
Google, Mozilla, and others offer cold cash to find software flaws before the bad guys do. Should your company do the same?
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Google empowers hardware hackers with the Android ADK

May 12, 2011
Google wants thousands of peripherals connected to Android devices; if you don't see what you like, you can build it yourself
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