Five security lessons learned from Office 2010

December 03, 2009
The upcoming version of Microsoft’s productivity suite rethinks how desktop applications should approach security
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Google Go language may be a nonstarter

November 25, 2009
Will Google’s new pet language evolve programming or merely widen the schism between vendor-specific camps?
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Office 2010: At last, the suite that users built

November 19, 2009
Microsoft drew upon real-world usage data to make its latest Office suite the most efficient version yet
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Who is trying to sabotage the Oracle/Sun merger?

November 12, 2009
Someone will surely benefit if the deal falls through, but it won't be MySQL customers
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How not to hire a developer

November 05, 2009
Google prides itself on its tortuous hiring process, but does its battery of bizarre tests really accomplish anything?
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Android's fast release cycle could backfire

October 29, 2009
Android 2.0 is coming hot on the heels of the previous version, but will such rapid change leave customers wary of Google's mobile OS?
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The sad state of the mobile Web gets even sadder

October 15, 2009
Desktop browsers are undergoing a technological renaissance -- so why are smartphones stuck in the Dark Ages?
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Flash for iPhone is a Hail Mary pass for Adobe

October 08, 2009
Flash CS5 will output native iPhone binaries, but can Adobe convince developers to choose Flash over Web standards?
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Verizon's scary designs to become the Microsoft of mobile

October 01, 2009
America's largest carrier wants to consolidate the smartphone market under its control -- and that's bad news for promising upstarts like Palm
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Intel architecture to rule them all?

September 24, 2009
Intel claims its processor architecture can power any device, from PCs and servers to smartphones and TVs. But will a CPU monoculture benefit customers?
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