Lights out for Flash and its RIA brethren

May 06, 2010
Apple's ban on Flash for the iPhone is another nail in the coffin for proprietary RIA platforms -- and good riddance
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Cloud-based Java offers risks and rewards

April 29, 2010
VMforce shows the revenue potential of Java as a service, but will the cloud model save the Java community or split it apart?
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Twitter and the rise of data platforms

April 22, 2010
Social networks are transforming their data stores into developer platforms, but will the risks be worth the rewards?
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iPhone developers: Locked into Apple's walled garden

April 15, 2010
In Steve Jobs' world, smartphone developers play by his rules -- or risk getting shut out of the iPhone platform
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Canonical's services play: Revenue windfall or trap?

April 09, 2010
Small vendors who dabble in services to underwrite their software may find they're biting off more than they can chew
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Geriatric Java struggles to stay relevant

April 01, 2010
After acquiring Sun Microsystems, can Oracle revive interest in a platform that has become known as the modern Cobol?
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Agile development should be more than just a buzzword

March 25, 2010
SAP hopes agile methods will help accelerate the pace of its innovation, but its commitment to change rings hollow
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Lessons from a lost decade: Developing for a disposable Web

March 11, 2010
Say good-bye to monolithic systems and legacy apps -- and hello to the era of expendable apps
, Internet
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Bug-free software? Dream on

March 04, 2010
For software developers, writing quality code is only the beginning of an effective vulnerability-mitigation strategy
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Fixing independent programmers' no-win scenario

February 25, 2010
A hostile business climate is stifling entrepreneurship in software development, and the U.S. economy pays the price
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