Archives: March 2012

What developers can expect at Google I/O 2012

March 29, 2012
Google's annual developer conference sold out in 20 minutes. Here's what all the fuss is about
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Web Components: New hope for Web designers

March 23, 2012
Experimental Web technology aims to make it easier to build rich Web apps with ordinary markup and CSS
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Why new programming languages succeed -- or fail

March 15, 2012
Some languages become industry favorites, while others drift into obscurity. What sets the successes apart?
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Develop Metro apps? Say no to this con

March 08, 2012
Microsoft says Windows 8 will be a bonanza for developers. Who does it think it's kidding?
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Visual Studio 11's UI is sharper than you think

March 01, 2012
Microsoft thinks a drab new UI will help VS11 reach a broader audience. Developers disagree
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