Archives: September 2011

How Adobe Flash lost its way

September 29, 2011
Despite early successes on the Web, the latter years of Flash have been a tale of missed opportunities
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The great JavaScript debate: Improve it or kill it?

September 23, 2011
Google's Dart aims to replace JavaScript, Intel's River Trail to extend it; the race is on as smartphone apps threaten the need for open JavaScript
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Windows 8 and Microsoft's big gamble

September 16, 2011
Beware, Apple and Google: Windows 8's Metro UI presents unprecedented opportunity for developers on PCs and devices
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Introducing Opa, a Web dev language to rule them all

September 08, 2011
One-stop language for Web application development spares you the drudgery of coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and more
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Earth to developers: Grow up!

September 01, 2011
When dogma supplants reasoned debate, rational programmers must step back and remember a few basic principles
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