Archives: July 2011

A plea for sanity in software versioning

July 28, 2011
Developers should resist the temptation to inflate version numbers for marketing purposes, both for customers' sake and their own
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Developers' big decision: Whether to bet the farm on Facebook

July 21, 2011
FarmVille creator Zynga sees big riches in social network platforms, but vendor lock-in means this gold rush may not pan out for independent developers
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Facebook shouldn't be afraid to rewrite its code, and neither should you

July 14, 2011
When your application's load outstrips its ability to scale, sometimes the best solution is to start over from scratch
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Let's face it: HTML5 is no app dev panacea

July 07, 2011
Don't believe the hype: building serious applications still takes more than mere Web markup
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