Big data strains small-business bandwidth

November 28, 2011
Just as enterprise tech has always trickled down to smaller businesses, so too are the benefits and challenges of big data
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VDI: Not just for big business

November 21, 2011
Though VDI is most often associated with large deployments, small business has a lot to gain as well
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4 incredibly useful steps to better backups

November 14, 2011
Love backups? Didn't think so. To make the process less painful, consider the following steps when creating or changing backup environment
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The law of unintended storage consequences

November 07, 2011
Recent implementation and subsequent withdrawal of part of VMware's VAAI feature set illustrate the risks in the growing complexity of modern storage
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Enabling multisite file access with the cloud

October 31, 2011
Nasuni's Data Continuity Service offers fresh approach to file storage, backup, and enabling distributed access to unstructured data
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Red Hat Gluster, the cloud storage monster

October 24, 2011
With the Gluster acquisition, Red Hat has renewed interest in distributed storage -- and become a big data storage player overnight
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Site Recovery Manager 5.0 ups the ante

October 17, 2011
VMware's Site Recovery Manager 5.0 adds much needed features, yielding a self-contained business continuity solution
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vSphere Storage Appliance: The fruit of a conflict of interest

October 10, 2011
The new vSphere Storage Appliance has serious limits. Is the EMC relationship keeping VMware from realizing its full potential?
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VXLAN is a missed opportunity

October 03, 2011
VMware misses a great chance to push the networking world toward next-gen standards and delivers a narrow-minded work-around instead
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Storage load balancing with vSphere 5.0

September 26, 2011
Storage DRS, released in vSphere 5, brings exciting new storage management features to the table, but watch for limitations
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