Fake a stretched cluster for fun and profit

April 30, 2012
True stretched clusters are out of reach for many, but you can use the concepts to avoid downtime -- even amid major upgrades
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Avoid disaster with stretched clusters

April 23, 2012
So-called stretched clusters promise utopia of disaster avoidance and disaster recovery virtualization, but the technology is still new. Here's how to deal with the challenges
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How to avoid a forklift storage upgrade

April 09, 2012
Despite your best attempts to look ahead, primary storage always seems to go obsolete before its time
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What to ask when choosing a new storage platform

April 02, 2012
If you want to know what to buy, talk to people who've adopted the technology you're eyeing. Here are key questions to ask
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Not doing these 8 things? Then you need a bigger budget

March 26, 2012
Take a hard look at your IT infrastructure and see what needs to be red-lined
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Let loose your Chaos Monkey

March 19, 2012
Is all of the redundancy you build into your infrastructure really worth the trouble if you aren't willing to test it in production?
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4 things every storage admin should know

March 12, 2012
Over the years, enterprise storage has grown in complexity -- changing what it means to be a storage admin
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Learning from the cloud's failings

March 05, 2012
Last week's Windows Azure Compute outage underlines customers' blind faith in infallible cloud solutions
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Antivirus: The silent virtualization killer

February 27, 2012
Traditional guest-based antivirus can sap the life out of your virtualization and storage infrastructure -- learn how to recognize the problem
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The senseless battle over easy, secure data access

February 21, 2012
IT and users must work together to find safe, simple ways to access data and not scapegoat one another
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