Cloud storage: The final nail in tape's coffin

September 24, 2012's new long-term storage offering isn't right for disaster recovery, but looks to be a perfect fit for archiving
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Microsoft sabotages Windows-via-the-cloud services

September 10, 2012
Desktop as a service becomes more attractive to cloud providers and users -- but Microsoft wants nothing to do with it
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The price of success: VMware's big integration challenge

September 04, 2012
VMworld 2012 brought tons of new products and enhancements -- creating a huge integration challenge to work as promised
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What's key in VMware's new vSphere, vCenter, and vCloud

August 27, 2012
VMware's huge slate of new features fills in blanks, makes it more competitive -- but sometimes at the cost of its partners
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Veeam eases SAN snapshot restoration

August 20, 2012
Restoring SAN snapshots for data recovery is a tedious process, but Veeam says it will fix that, at least for HP P4000 gear
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When to cut bait on old IT

August 13, 2012
Someday you'll find a beloved product/service has fallen down on the job. Don't stick around out of loyalty -- pull the plug
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How to choose the right iSCSI switch

August 06, 2012
All gigabit switches are not created equal. Here's what separates the good from the bad for IP storage
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Scale-out SSD shatters performance records

July 30, 2012
SPC-1 test results leave earlier transactional performance marks in the dust and prove value of scale-out storage architectures
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Pushing the limits of virtual networking

July 23, 2012
Recent developments in virtual networking open a world of possibilities but don't quite deliver -- yet
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The surprise price of the integrated, virtualized data center

July 16, 2012
As data center infrastructure inexorably integrates and converges, software and firmware compatibility becomes a tougher nut to crack
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