Bad apples threaten small-business cloud adoption

March 11, 2013
Cloud providers often trade transparency for simplicity -- perhaps at the ultimate cost of their customers' trust
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4 free tools to simulate a cloud connection

March 04, 2013
Linux-based WAN emulation tools can help you decide whether your planned cloud migration is the right move
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Simulate access to the cloud before you commit

February 25, 2013
If you can't get a direct connection to the cloud, estimating user experience before migrating to the cloud is a critical task
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Why recover from disaster when you can avoid it?

February 11, 2013
Sidestepping technology disasters is much easier -- and affordable -- now for businesses large and small
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When WAN optimization really boosts network performance

February 04, 2013
As more and more data moves across WANs and into the cloud, making the most of your WAN connections is key
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All IT pros need to understand TCP windowing

January 28, 2013
High-bandwidth replication over long distances, whether to a hot site or the cloud, requires a solid grasp of TCP to steer clear of bottlenecks
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Data center power maxed out? Three-phase power to the rescue!

January 22, 2013
As load densities grow, three-phase power is becoming more and more prevalent in data centers of all shapes and sizes
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The challenges of disaster recovery as a service

January 14, 2013
Backing up your data and running your systems in the cloud is attractive -- but likely to fail if you don't treat it like a physical warm-site backup
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Data center planning: Surprising tools of the trade

January 07, 2013
Some skills required to be an excellent engineer might seem to have very little to do with actual engineering: Excel and Visio
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The cloud isn't always cheaper -- and that's OK

December 17, 2012
Although the cloud is occasionally less expensive than on-premise deployment, focusing on cost alone misses the point
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