Try before you buy storage hardware

November 22, 2010
Nearly all of the major storage vendors will let you take their hardware for a test-drive. Here's why that's a great idea
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How 'more with less' puts your data at risk

November 08, 2010
Hasty development and implementation schedules have sidelined such maintenance tasks as backup testing. How long can they stay there?
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Lose your IT religion

November 01, 2010
It's all too common to see brand loyalty, cultlike groupthink, and pure emotion drive critical IT decisions
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Building a better storage RFP

October 18, 2010
RFPs can help you source the best new storage tech, but only if you do them right. Here's how to get the greatest value from RFPs
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Is your IT operation on the brink? Then 'fess up

October 11, 2010
Many IT organizations were starved during the downturn. Come clean now and get the resources you need before it's too late
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When failover systems fail

October 04, 2010
Despite our best attempts to design for the worst, the failure of high-availability systems is shockingly common. Here's how to avoid career-ending mistakes
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What storage virtualization really means

September 27, 2010
Get a crash course in storage virtualization and how its various flavors can help you corral your storage infrastructure
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Black-box storage: What's it doing now?

September 20, 2010
The future of storage is in devices that sense your performance needs and adapt to them. Is that really a good thing?
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Finding a home for the private cloud

September 13, 2010
Private clouds are getting a lot of buzz, but where do they actually fit in today's IT landscape?
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The real story behind VMworld 2010

September 06, 2010
A ton of product announcements -- plus a big marketing push around the private cloud -- added up to a major undercurrent of change in the virtualization industry
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