Archives: November 2012

5 data center breakthroughs I'm thankful for

November 22, 2012
Savor these server, networking, and storage advancements while you're fixing Mom's computer this holiday season
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The 50 shades of the enterprise tech gray market

November 19, 2012
You can save a bundle of money buying redundant or noncritical gear from the gray market, but a lot of risk is involved
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The advantages of IT on a shoestring budget

November 12, 2012
Many enterprises can learn a few things from the cheap, self-supporting nature of service provider IT operations
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What to look for onsite when choosing a colo facility

November 05, 2012
Hurricane Sandy provides an excellent reminder that no matter how good a colo's facilities look on paper, careful attention to detail is critical to picking a good one
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