It's a (jQuery) cookbook!

December 28, 2009
Martin reviews the new "jQuery Cookbook" and likes it
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The year of AJAX and REST services?

December 22, 2009
Martin looks into his clouded crystal ball and sees himself jumping into AJAX and REST services. What about you?
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JetBrains and Electric Cloud offer new build tools

December 15, 2009
TeamCity can put Build Agents on Amazon EC2, while SparkBuild offers intelligent build avoidance to reduce build time
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BlackBerry developer betas a mixed bag

December 02, 2009
The BlackBerry platform offers a plethora of IDEs, but no support for Windows 7 or 64-bit OSes
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Free AJAX tool diagnoses IE

November 19, 2009
dynaTrace AJAX Edition provides client-side timings, profiling
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Taking the black art out of SQL tuning

November 09, 2009
Embarcadero DB Optimizer 2 takes a methodical approach to SQL query analysis and optimization
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Windows 7 driver support remains dicey

October 26, 2009
Spotty support for networked all-in-one printers in particular may be a testing, QA, and certification issue; some notebook drivers aren't yet available either
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Windows 7's speech recognition is not half bad

October 16, 2009
I turned to it in a pinch and was pleasantly surprised I could use it effectively without special equipment
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Windows 7 should fare better than Vista on corporate PCs

October 15, 2009
Recent survey shows business PCs are far more likely to be ready to run Windows 7 than had been ready for Vista
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Inside Silverlight 3

October 08, 2009
The key to writing great Microsoft Silverlight applications is to understand how it works. Ashraf Michail provides a look under the hood
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