Zero clients for virtual desktops?

February 15, 2011
Zero client solutions such as Pano Logic's Pano System 4 trump PCs and thin clients in ease, simplicity, and long-term ROI, if users can work within the limitations
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Dell server management and VMware vCenter, together at last

February 03, 2011
The Dell Management Plug-In for VMware vCenter is a very useful tool for anyone running VMware on Dell hardware
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Openfire: Excellent, free open source chat server

January 21, 2011
Easy install, easy administration, and ease-of-use make Jabber-based Openfire an ideal choice for small deployments
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Cheap, easy wireless network access for guests

December 15, 2010
$30 Edimax 7206-APg makes guest access to the wireless LAN as simple as plugging in an Ethernet cable, no configuration required
Wireless LAN
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A recipe for Google Chrome Pro

November 24, 2010
Facebook-friendly RockMelt offers a browser blueprint for Google Apps and Docs
Web Browsers
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Intrusion detection on the cheap: Roll your own honeypot

November 17, 2010
Back up your network security defenses by turning an old PC into an early-warning system for malware and attacks
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Free high availability: Create a XenServer virtualization cluster

November 12, 2010
With the free Citrix XenServer virtualization platform, it's easy to create a highly available virtual server cluster; here's how
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Lab test: New EqualLogic firmware takes a load off VMware

October 20, 2010
Along with general improvements, Dell's 5.0.2 firmware for EqualLogic PS-series iSCSI SANs kicks virtualization deployments into high gear
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Stress test: AMD Opteron Magny-Cours versus Intel Xeon Nehalem-EX

October 13, 2010
If the number of concurrent processes is large enough (think virtualization), then quad-CPU, 48-core AMD Opteron wins the price-performance race
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Egnyte's hybrid cloud storage: Twin file shares are better than one

October 05, 2010
Egnyte's new virtual appliance fuses local network storage with remote cloud storage for fast, easy, and ubiquitous file sharing
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