Archives: April 2014

Microsoft OneDrive really, really wants to be your only drive

April 30, 2014
There's no question that Microsoft is acting strongly to eliminate Box, Dropbox, and all other cloud storage competitors
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You want to replace Windows XP with Linux? Seriously?

April 23, 2014
The end of Microsoft support for XP has some considering Linux or other OS moves. Think hard before you go down that path
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Picking Office 365 is the easy part -- now comes migration

April 16, 2014
Getting your email data into Office 365 can cause some heartburn, but there are many ways to minimize the pain
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Why I won't miss Windows XP

April 09, 2014
Now that Microsoft has pulled the plug on XP support, maybe everyone else can move on, too
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5 cool changes coming for OWA, Office 365, Exchange, and Outlook

April 03, 2014
Microsoft's cloud-first strategy for Exchange includes smarter filtering, a unified user experience, and wider platform support
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