Archives: January 2014

Hyper-V 'escape attack,' part 2: The mystery deepens

January 29, 2014
The roots of the Hyper-V hack are revealed -- and serve as a reminder to stick to best practices
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What do we want? Windows 9 -- sorry, Windows 8

January 22, 2014
There are good arguments for both an interim Windows 8.2 upgrade and skipping straight to Windows 8's true successor
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Whodunit: A Hyper-V failure may reveal fabled 'escape attack'

January 15, 2014
New Hyper-V and SharePoint hacks mean you need to revisit your virtualization security
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Moving to Office 365? Dig deep into your options first

January 08, 2014
Microsoft has a handy tool for comparing options, but you need to use it carefully to get accurate answers
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My 3 favorite tools for migrating to Office 365

January 02, 2014
More users are moving to Office 365, but they're finding a few areas that require some help. These three tools can bridge the gaps
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