Archives: October 2013

There's no free lunch, but there could be a 'free' Windows

October 30, 2013
Apple has done a great job in marketing its 'free' upgrades. But nothing is truly free
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Windows 8.1: The key security improvements

October 23, 2013
Although users may prefer the comfort of Windows 7, Windows 8.1's security advantages should pique IT's interest
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5 new and improved tools for Exchange and Office 365

October 16, 2013
Whether designing, deploying, configuring, or troubleshooting on-premise Exchange 2013 or cloud-based Office 365, these free tools can help
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Microsoft's enterprise cloud strategy begins to take shape

October 09, 2013
A wave of new offerings shows that Redmond is serious about dominating public and hybrid clouds
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Microsoft brand loyalty does not mean brand blindness

October 02, 2013
We all have reasons for sticking with our favorite brands, but ultimately, you have to choose the best tool for the task
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