Why I won't miss Windows XP

April 09, 2014
Now that Microsoft has pulled the plug on XP support, maybe everyone else can move on, too
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5 cool changes coming for OWA, Office 365, Exchange, and Outlook

April 03, 2014
Microsoft's cloud-first strategy for Exchange includes smarter filtering, a unified user experience, and wider platform support
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Cloud deniers are the flat earthers of the tech world

March 26, 2014
You can dismiss the future as the naive cry of a Debbie Downer, or you can become part of that future
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There's no future in on-premises IT -- it's time to move to the cloud

March 19, 2014
If you think virtualization skills mean your future as an IT admin is secure, you're sadly mistaken
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Two tricks to automate the export of live VMs in Windows Server

March 12, 2014
A little-known Hyper-V export feature and Jeff Hicks' free PowerShell script can make an admin's work a lot easier
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Windows 8.2 is better than a sharp stick in the eye

March 05, 2014
With Windows 9 a year away, Microsoft keeps tweaking Windows 8 -- and we should be grateful for those improvements
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What you need to know about Exchange 2013 SP1

February 28, 2014
Microsoft has released a grab bag of new, returned, and enhanced functionality in its recent update
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Friends don't let friends migrate Active Directory alone

February 19, 2014
Even with the right vendor tools, domain renaming is fraught with gotchas. Turn to the IT community for help getting the job done
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Building a private cloud? Don't overlook orchestration

February 12, 2014
Using virtualization does not automatically mean you have a private cloud, contrary to popular belief
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5 free Windows Server tools you should know about

February 05, 2014
These hidden gems can be real life-savers for IT admins
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