Windows Phone 7 leaves a Microsoft fan in angst

January 12, 2011
Several key shortcomings by a company that clearly knows better sparks a plea to get it right soon
, Windows Phone
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Enterprise Windows readers' choice for 2010

December 29, 2010
What Enterprise Windows blog fans preferred to read about this past year
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Awesome gifts for Windows geeks

December 22, 2010
From cool computers to IT training, here's the essential list of what a technophile wants for the holidays
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Exchange 2010: The secret to staying afloat when disaster strikes

December 15, 2010
Exchange's CAS role is its weak point, but there are ways to keep it balanced and available
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What to expect from Windows 8

December 08, 2010
With rumored release dates and features, the buzz has already begun about Microsoft’s 'riskiest upcoming product'
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Viruses for the holidays: Three go-to tools to keep you merry

December 01, 2010
Family visitors bring computer woes with them. Are you up for the challenge?
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Office 365: Expect huge improvements for admins

November 24, 2010
Some UI issues aside, the beta shows real promise for what matters to admin: strong controls for a cloud service
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The 7 terms admins need to demystify to the business

November 17, 2010
IT is often frustrated that the business doesn't understand its priorities; here's how to make the translation
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The one tool all modern Windows admins still require

November 10, 2010
The golden boot floppy of years past still exists -- but it has morphed into a lighter and more flexible form
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How to choose a hosted Exchange provider

November 03, 2010
Microsoft BPOS isn't the only game in town for hosted Exchange: the 6 key factors for choosing a provider
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