Archives: October 2012

Kaspersky promises the impossible: A fully secure OS

October 17, 2012
Eugene Kaspersky says his company is developing a bulletproof OS, but in the big picture, he's just selling snake oil
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Six habits of highly efficient data centers

October 15, 2012
Organizations are raising the bar for energy efficiency with free cooling, DC power, modular data centers, and better collaboration
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Java-to-iOS just keeps getting easier

October 11, 2012
Third-party tools are getting even better at enabling developers to use their Java skills to build iOS apps despite Apple's ban
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Linux 3.7 will be armed for ARM

October 10, 2012
Kernel will ease pain of tailoring Linux platforms for low-power ARM, creating open source opportunities in mobile, desktop, and servers
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Hackers exploit Skype API to infect Windows PCs

October 09, 2012
New worm reinforces Skype's reputation as an app with security issues
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Gotcha! Group uncovers privacy lies in websites' fine print

October 05, 2012
Privacy advocates rate, review terms of service for popular sites to inform user decisions about handing over personal data
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