Video: Pour on the ASCII nostalgia

November 26, 2013
From the Doing More with Less Department comes this fun little demo of fluid dynamics
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AT&T introduces mysterious update to thwart unlocked-iPhone resellers

November 14, 2013
AT&T has made it harder to unlock used iPhones in bulk, perhaps to crack down on once-thriving overseas markets
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Video: Orwell's '1984' has nothing on the current surveillance state

November 05, 2013
Security researcher Mikko Hypponen's TEDx talk illustrates extent to which nearly entire online population is being spied on
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From metal to machine: See how the iconic Mac Pro is made

October 25, 2013
Video: Transformers have nothing on the real-world robots that make the new top-end Mac
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Video: How to hack PHP sites with SQL injection

October 11, 2013
The elegant simplicity of PHP leaves it open to an elegantly simple attack
Hacking, SQL, PHP Web
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Video: Cloud storage the OpenStack way revealed

October 02, 2013
A whiteboard demonstration shows how the cloud storage system handles and delivers data
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Video: iPhone 5s vs. .50-caliber rifle

September 26, 2013
The iPhone 5s is a sexy piece of technology, but how well does it take a bullet?
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Video: iPhone 5's fingerprint scanner hacked already

September 24, 2013
German hackers have defeated Apple's new security measure, though it is a complicated process
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Video: Watch this Siri hack bypass iOS 7's lock screen

September 23, 2013
Security vulnerability allows a third party to grab your iPhone and tell Siri to perform various functions even when locked
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