Preview: See the Aaron Swartz few people knew

January 30, 2014
The documentary, which premiered at Sundance last week, traces Swartz's life, work, ideology, and tragic demise
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Video: An interview with Steve Jobs, rare and unedited

January 24, 2014
This lost footage from 1990 gives an hour-long uncut look into the mind of the late Apple co-founder
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Video: As Macintosh hits the big 3-0, Apple CEO talks upcoming tech

January 24, 2014
Amid major milestone for Apple's first PC, CEO Tim Cook teases more domestic manufacturing and upcoming Sapphire glass
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Video: A toast to C# and lambdas, courtesy of Beer and Code

January 16, 2014
This video series can not only help make your coding tighter, it can introduce you to new brews
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Real tech at CES? The rumors are true

January 09, 2014
Beyond the shiny TVs and smart kitchen goods, CES 2014 offered true tech breakthroughs too. Check out the highlights
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How the NSA was able to snoop on our email

January 07, 2014
Mathematician Edward Frenkel explains the mechanics behind the NSA's snooping
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Video: Meet the homeless man who learned how to code

December 19, 2013
Leo Grand had been living on the streets when he learned some coding and, ultimately, built and launched a mobile app
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Video: Watch every Windows upgrade ever

December 06, 2013
Or at least Windows 1.0 through Windows 7, as one user chronicles changes to Microsoft's flagship OS over the years
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Video: Pour on the ASCII nostalgia

November 26, 2013
From the Doing More with Less Department comes this fun little demo of fluid dynamics
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AT&T introduces mysterious update to thwart unlocked-iPhone resellers

November 14, 2013
AT&T has made it harder to unlock used iPhones in bulk, perhaps to crack down on once-thriving overseas markets
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