Archives: July 2013

Straight outta OSCON, it's Piers Cawley's keynote/sing-along

July 29, 2013
Cawley's keynote trumps the usual corporate song-and-dance with actual singing and dancing -- from real developers, to boot
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Video: Meet the new Google Nexus 7

July 25, 2013
Google's launch event runs down the key features of its new media tablet
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Meet the search engine that vows not to track you

July 15, 2013
DuckDuckGo promises top-quality search results while leaving users completely anonymous, saving no personal data
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The next big thing in 3D printing: Liquid metal

July 12, 2013
With new technology, liquid metal with a solid skin becomes the building block for 3D-printed items
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Video: Microsoft demos new Outlook for Windows 8.1

July 09, 2013
A presentation at WPC 2013 shows off the new features of the upcoming version of Microsoft's popular email application
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Apple eyes the biggest mobile market of them all: China

July 02, 2013
Adding huge numbers of subscribers in China would certainly help Apple's flagging stock price
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