Archives: February 2014

First look: xPrintServer for Android, Chrome OS

February 28, 2014
Printing from Android and Chrome OS isn't so simple, but Lantronix's tiny print server makes it much easier
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Galaxy S5, Nokia 'Windroid,' BlackBerry Q20: The hype hits the fan

February 25, 2014
Despite the hubbub, Samsung, Nokia, and Microsoft aren't moving the needle much in their new smartphones
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6 changes Microsoft must make to matter again in mobile

February 21, 2014
Microsoft must enact six key changes if it wants Windows to have a meaningful presence in mobile in the coming years
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Meet AOSP, the other Android, while you still can

February 14, 2014
There's more to the Android ecosystem than the branded Android devices, though the future is iffy
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No, a phablet version will not save the iPhone

February 07, 2014
Everyone is telling Apple it needs a big-screen iPhone to rekindle sales -- but a look at the data shows that won't work
iPhone, Apple
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