Archives: October 2013

Car trouble? There's an app for that

October 29, 2013
Not just cool and useful, the Automatic device also gives a tangible hint of the smartphone's new role at center of the Internet of things
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BBM: The Messenger is already dead

October 25, 2013
Hitting 10 million downloads sounds like a success, but BlackBerry's basic messaging app won't keep those users
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The new iPads: Want thrills? Look elsewhere

October 22, 2013
The 64-bit chip will move the iPad closer to being laptop surrogate, but more is needed to achieve adaptive computing
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Trouble's brewing in Android land

October 15, 2013
Indications of desperation at Samsung, chaos at HTC, and reduced focus at Google suggest Android faces rough sailing
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Heed these 10 expert tips for mobile app design

October 08, 2013
Too many iOS and Android apps are hard to use due to poor design -- follow this advice to make sure your app isn't one of them
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Microsoft can't even get IT interested in its mobile platform

October 01, 2013
Three years after Windows Phone and a year after Windows 8, businesses are testing -- and using -- rivals instead
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