Archives: April 2013

Buckle up -- here comes the hard part of mobile

April 30, 2013
As IT goes beyond knee-jerk reactions to BYOD and mobile management, tricky questions remain
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Copying the iPad Mini won't help Microsoft

April 23, 2013
iOS and Android work well enough on a smaller screen, but Windows 8 will not
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iPhone 5S: Time for an attitude adjustment

April 16, 2013
You can't change the world every year, and smartphone buyers need to come to that realization
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Why iPad apps can't replace your desktop software -- yet

April 09, 2013
It's as facile to say iPads can replace PCs as it is to say they can't -- the story of mobile apps isn't black-and-white
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Who has more to fear from Samsung's independence: Apple or Google?

April 02, 2013
The top Android device maker is showing increasing signs of autonomy, which could affect other mobile players
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