Archives: January 2013

The BlackBerry 10 may be great -- and still fail

January 29, 2013
RIM, the company that invented the smartphone, has one last chance to matter in the revolution it started
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Meet IGZO: The bleeding-edge LCD tech for the next iPhone

January 22, 2013
Brighter, smoother, power-efficient, and bendable -- this may be Apple's latest Retina-style leap forward
iPhone, iPad, Apple
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The PC is dying; long live personal computing!

January 15, 2013
Windows PCs' market share is plummeting -- mainly due to the changing definition of a PC and the rise of the post-PC vision
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4 mobile technologies Apple and Google need to get right

January 08, 2013
Amid talk of new features for the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S IV, let's not forget the iOS and Android capabilities that must be improved now
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2012: The year Android truly challenged iOS

January 01, 2013
Android 'Jelly Bean,' Samsung's Notes, and Google's Nexuses finally delivered compelling capabilities as Apple stalled
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