The mobile management fever is about to break

December 14, 2012
Vendors have gone silly finding security 'needs' to sell, while IT has discovered life with BYOD isn't so bad after all
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Why the desktop PC may see a comeback in the mobile era

December 07, 2012
iPads and Android tablets often can replace a laptop, but not always a computer
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Google kills hope for Android security with 3LM retreat

November 30, 2012
Consumerization means an end to personal/work division -- but not when it comes to Android, apparently
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IT at the crossroads: Lead or fade away

November 16, 2012
The consumerization, mobile, and big data trends all point to old-style IT's diminishing stature
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Surprise! Apple has more enterprise savvy than Microsoft

November 09, 2012
IT likes to complain that Apple doesn't understand business, but the company's business presence continues to grow
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The ugly politics of fanboy culture

November 02, 2012
The blue/red political divide is being replicated in the technology world, but among Apple, Google, and Microsoft enclaves
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IT: Watch who you're calling a fanboy

October 26, 2012
With today's release of Windows 8 and RT, we'll soon see if IT's love for Microsoft is based on rational judgment
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Apple's iPod Touch is fast becoming the new cash register

October 19, 2012
As everyone targets mobile-payment clients on smartphones, Apple gets the retailers on iOS
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Afraid of BYOD? Intel shows a better way

October 12, 2012
Intel does more than manage user devices: It embraces and actively invites them in
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The coming Internet video crash

October 05, 2012
First, it was data caps on cellular, and now caps on wired broadband -- welcome to the end of the rich Internet
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