A better way to share and store electronic health records

April 26, 2013
Box's foray into confusing world of digital health data could be the first step toward consumerizing this messy tech
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Windows-hugging IT needs to let go

April 19, 2013
Microsoft's failed client platforms and withholding strategy for Office and SharePoint deepen the wedge between users and IT
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'Post-PC' does not mean 'no PC'

April 15, 2013
The accelerating decline of PC sales doesn't mean they'll disappear, but it means computing will change dramatically
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The death of the PC: Invented by Apple, accelerated by Microsoft

April 11, 2013
Apple's iPad was designed to change computing, but Microsoft's bungling of Windows dramatically hastened the progress
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3D gestures: Coming to a screen near you

April 05, 2013
Videos show how touchscreens may soon morph, given the rapid developments in spatial gesture technology
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The puzzle of delivering medical apps and devices

March 29, 2013
As FDA gets closer to defining what personal devices and apps need approval, questions remain on how doctors should handle resulting data
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Email forever! Why social apps can't replace it

March 22, 2013
Social app aficionados want to kill email, but their solutions are worse than the supposed disease
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Promised health records exchange faces rough road to reality

March 15, 2013
A hodgepodge of data standards and a fractured network means digital medical records simply aren't very portable
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Patient engagement will be tough task for health tech

March 11, 2013
Federal rules encourage doctors to partner with patients, but the systems being designed likely won't deliver
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Maybe, just maybe, users can win the privacy war

March 08, 2013
A 'silent Big Brother' information state is emerging -- and people are starting to realize the danger and act
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