Apple, Google, or Microsoft? Your platform will dictate your office app

September 06, 2013
Signs point to an Apple-only, Google-only, and Microsoft-only set of productivity apps for their respective platforms
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The wireless revolution's forgotten victim: The phone itself

August 30, 2013
Wireless devices are making landlines less reliable, but the new voice technologies aren't ready for prime time either
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Go free chat! Disruptive services outrun Big Brother

August 23, 2013
When autocrats try to control a new communications medium, you know that medium is good for society
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Wishful thinking won't reverse Microsoft's misfortune

August 16, 2013
Microsoft advocates ignore new power of users in believing Surface tablet will improve with better marketing or in phantom update
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Giving kids iPads won't solve the education challenge

August 09, 2013
Los Angeles's program to supply iPads to 640,000 students is the latest example of confusing technology with teaching
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IT is a no-show when it comes to mobile apps

August 02, 2013
IT organizations and their vendors aren't making enterprise apps mobile, which only fuels employees' DIY impulses
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It's vacation time: Leave the work (safely) behind

July 26, 2013
Security fearmongers say employees can't be trusted to keep corporate data safe outside the office -- so stop making them take it
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The latest mobile security darlings won't work either

July 19, 2013
Users simply won't accept locked-down, limited, and clunky tools like containerization, dual personas, and virtualization
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The savvy tech strategy behind Obamacare

July 12, 2013
The ONC's Doug Fridsma explains why the health IT for EHRs and Obamacare should be like the Internet, and not like ERP or traditional IT systems
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Another Windows tablet falls short of the iPad

July 02, 2013
Microsoft keeps giving IT hope that Windows can out-tablet the iPad, so why can't it beat the iPad's quality or even security?
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