Who owns what when employees use their own tech

May 11, 2012
A simple principle is that you own only what you pay for -- and slavery is illegal
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Don't be so trigger-happy for a remote wipe

May 04, 2012
IT often feels better knowing it can wipe a user's device at will, but there's usually a more sensible option
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Apple's next revolution should be in your car

April 27, 2012
Car stereos and navigation systems are a mess, but Apple could make it all just work
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The BYOD era may be ending already

April 20, 2012
In 2010, the bring-your-own-device notion was derided; in 2012, it became normal; in 2014, it may be seen as an odd exception
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The fallacy of business social networking

April 13, 2012
Going social is all the rage -- except among employees. A few clues as to why
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The lessons IT must learn from Apple

April 06, 2012
Apple has wormed its way into the broad population, creating new expectations -- and a model -- for IT
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Millennials aren't the villains or drivers in consumerization

March 30, 2012
Claims of a fundamental difference in Gen Y is often cited as consumerization's shaping force -- don't buy into that
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Don't call me a 'consumer' or an 'end-user'

March 23, 2012
Language matters, and people who use these terms likely view you as a sheep or supplicant
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IT's Apple problem is not Apple's problem

March 16, 2012
Even today, IT managers complain that Apple won't give it a three-year plan. No wonder Apple ignores IT
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The Windows 8 tragedy: How Microsoft can avoid disaster

March 09, 2012
Microsoft's Windows 8 adaptation to 'consumerization' world assures it will stay in the past -- unless it makes these changes
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