Dilemma: The fast pace of consumer tech turnover

June 29, 2012
User-facing products now get orphaned in a few years or even in a few months, as in the case of Nokia's Lumia
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Bigger than BYOD: The iffy future of the corporate office

June 22, 2012
There are lots of reasons for knowledge workers to say no to the company office, as well as some challenges
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The next consumerization revolution: Your personal data

June 15, 2012
Privacy groups want to lock away your personal data. A better option is to let you sell it for what it's really worth
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How to turn an iPhone into a BlackBerry

June 08, 2012
New software could give the IT police a way to reverse the mobile-led 'IT spring' consumerization revolution
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The fallacy of collaboration technology

June 01, 2012
Videoconferencing, unified communications, and shared editing don't work the way people do
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Microsoft and Google cut the crapware, but the odor lingers

May 25, 2012
Android smartphones and Windows PCs have long been laden with junky apps and promos, but perhaps the end is near
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WWDC sneak peek: Don't let iOS 6 blind you to the real action in iCloud

May 18, 2012
Apple has launched many cloud services in the last year that would make sense to integrate into the iCloud platform
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Who owns what when employees use their own tech

May 11, 2012
A simple principle is that you own only what you pay for -- and slavery is illegal
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Don't be so trigger-happy for a remote wipe

May 04, 2012
IT often feels better knowing it can wipe a user's device at will, but there's usually a more sensible option
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Apple's next revolution should be in your car

April 27, 2012
Car stereos and navigation systems are a mess, but Apple could make it all just work
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