Kindle Fire vs. iPad: The battle at home may hurt your iPad at work

September 07, 2012
The and Apple iTune-centered ecosystems will battle over content for the home, with repercussions that go far beyond
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Apple devices only? That's not BYOD

August 31, 2012
Given the choice, most users tend to want iPhones and iPads, so some IT organizations are standardizing on Apple. But that's just another way of hobbling user empowerment
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3 rules for doing BYOD right

August 24, 2012
With these three basic guidelines, BYOD can work for everyone without unfairly burdening IT
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The case for Windows 8

August 17, 2012
Microsoft's great hope against the iPad incursion has taken a lot of well-deserved heat, but here's why it could still succeed
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The easy, low-cost, secure plan for enabling BYOD

July 27, 2012
A rise in vendor and consultant fearmongering endangers user productivity and IT budgets alike
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Who's embracing BYOD? Probably not who you think

July 20, 2012
A Dell-Intel survey reveals surprising attitudes among workers about consumerization, mobile technology, and today's changing tech
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Microsoft should follow Apple's lead and protect personal info

July 13, 2012
As more and more websites and mobile apps strip-mine our personal data, Apple is aiding users. Google may not help, but Microsoft could
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Stop it! You're working an extra unpaid day a week

July 06, 2012
As employees get more connected through more devices, they're working 7 hours more a week -- something's not right
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Dilemma: The fast pace of consumer tech turnover

June 29, 2012
User-facing products now get orphaned in a few years or even in a few months, as in the case of Nokia's Lumia
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Bigger than BYOD: The iffy future of the corporate office

June 22, 2012
There are lots of reasons for knowledge workers to say no to the company office, as well as some challenges
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