Too big to trust? Google's growing credibility gap

April 15, 2014
The new Google is not the old Google, and people are starting to take notice
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Why the 'retired' Windows XP ain't going nowhere

April 08, 2014
There are simply too many specialized apps and hardware devices that can't run anything but Windows XP
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IT and business remain apart -- and that's a good thing

April 01, 2014
The irony is that some of that divide is healthy, but few companies can tell the good from the bad
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Windows 8 picks up an unlikely ally in Apple

March 25, 2014
Apple is dropping Windows 7 support in Boot Camp -- and Mac-based Windows users won't like the reasons why
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Double standard: Why Apple can force upgrades but Microsoft can't

March 18, 2014
Ironically, Microsoft's compatibility commitment has boomeranged, making it easy for users to keep what they have
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Thought Obamacare was messy? Wait until electronic health records come online

March 11, 2014
EHRs' laudable openness goals will slam into reality of highly proprietary, secretive, and risk-averse health care industry
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What Disney World teaches us about mobile payments

March 04, 2014
Even in a highly controlled environment, the popular notion struggles to work as needed
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What you need to know about 3D printers for today and tomorrow

February 26, 2014
Beyond the hype, there are real uses for this technology, but also some key barriers yet to be addressed
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5 tips for smarter collaboration in a mobile and cloud world

February 18, 2014
Things work a little differently in a technology-connected world, and these five tips can make that work go more smoothly
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North Korea switched from Windows to OS X -- should you?

February 11, 2014
As the PC market wavers, the Mac may dominate it despite poor Microsoft apps
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