Mobile and PC management: The tough but unstoppable union

June 03, 2014
One day, you'll manage all client devices from a central policy console, but it won't be a fast or easy journey
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Apple is serious about removing the distinction between desktop and mobile

June 02, 2014
OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 focus on greater integration across platforms and services
Mac OS X, iOS, Apple
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Why the iPad is popular and Windows 'tablets' are not

May 27, 2014
When a tablet tries to be a laptop, people buy a laptop instead -- or a real tablet
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Beware IT pros who blame BYOD for their own failings

May 13, 2014
A user gets access to a server he shouldn't have access to and triggers a misconfiguration that posts private data to the Web. Whose fault is that?
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Forced off mobile Office, Box and Dropbox may lose the desktop, too

April 29, 2014
Apple, Google, and Microsoft have cut out third-party cloud storage, wiping out those services' universality
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Put to the test: Microsoft's Office 365 on the iPad and Mac

April 22, 2014
The good news: Office and Exchange now work credibly on the iPad. The bad news: Microsoft is being as proprietary as Apple
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Too big to trust? Google's growing credibility gap

April 15, 2014
The new Google is not the old Google, and people are starting to take notice
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Why the 'retired' Windows XP ain't going nowhere

April 08, 2014
There are simply too many specialized apps and hardware devices that can't run anything but Windows XP
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IT and business remain apart -- and that's a good thing

April 01, 2014
The irony is that some of that divide is healthy, but few companies can tell the good from the bad
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Windows 8 picks up an unlikely ally in Apple

March 25, 2014
Apple is dropping Windows 7 support in Boot Camp -- and Mac-based Windows users won't like the reasons why
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