Archives: November 2013

Bye-bye, boys' club? Why the new IT may be a woman's world

November 22, 2013
A lot of hand-wringing over female participation in tech may be moot as the nature of tech changes
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An Apple television doesn't make sense, but Apple TV does

November 15, 2013
Forget iTV -- Apple has already deconstructed traditional media hardware/content flow and freed up content consumption
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Can Samsung become Apple? Only if it executes well

November 08, 2013
The company has the resources and the consumer goodwill, but it also has struggled to get software and services right
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BYOD? Sure! BYOPC? Not so fast...

November 01, 2013
The forces that propelled use of employee-owned smartphones and tablets don't apply so much to PCs and Macs
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