Archives: October 2013

The millennial generation: They are us, we are them

October 25, 2013
There's a lot of loose talk about the new generation being fundamentally different, but that's not the truth
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The 'good enough' mobile app is on the rise -- but develop with caution

October 18, 2013
A so-so mobile experience can suffice, as long as developers understand what does and doesn't matter to the user
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The end of the CIO as we know it -- and IT feels fine

October 11, 2013
Fifteen years after it became a top-level job, the CIO notion no longer makes sense in the emerging post-IT world
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9 dumb differences between iOS and OS X Apple should fix

October 04, 2013
Many apps and services work almost the same, so the differences that do exist become major frustrations
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