Archives: September 2013

Apple's next revolution may be Bluetooth-powered iBeacons

September 27, 2013
The Bluetooth Low Energy-based tech allows for all sorts of interactions in public spaces, from stores to museums to first responders
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How iOS 7's new APIs change the game for business

September 20, 2013
Apple's new content-focused management APIs for iOS and OS X should further reduce security doubts of IT admins and CSOs, while keeping users empowered
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Cisco shows how to manage 35,000 Macs

September 13, 2013
The iPhone and iPad have given the Mac new life in business -- but how to handle them puzzles many IT admins
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Apple, Google, or Microsoft? Your platform will dictate your office app

September 06, 2013
Signs point to an Apple-only, Google-only, and Microsoft-only set of productivity apps for their respective platforms
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