The great OpenStack balancing act

September 24, 2012
Can a vendor consortium cooperatively develop a cloud operating system without going off track? The new OpenStack Foundation and a small army of developers aim to find out
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Open source in 2012: Bigger and better than ever

September 18, 2012
This year's Best of Open Source Software awards includes a whopping 125 products in 7 categories. The real story is the technology leadership so many of these products display
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Microsoft earns cloud cred with Windows Server 2012

September 10, 2012
Officially released last week, Windows Server 2012 erases any doubt that Microsoft wants to play to win the private cloud game
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The IT profession: A labor of love

September 03, 2012
Well, not exactly, but something keeps millions coming back for more despite the ridiculous hours and endless frustrations
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What VMware's bid to join OpenStack really means

August 28, 2012
VMware has asked to become a member of the foundation governing OpenStack, the open source cloud operating system -- but in a sense, VMware has already joined
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Windows 8 and the touchy future of PCs

August 27, 2012
Touch on the desktop? That's the only way Metro makes sense. With Windows 8, Microsoft is making its biggest hardware demand ever
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Please, Microsoft, for the love of Windows

August 20, 2012
We're not asking for much, just a simple change or two to Windows 8. Listen to common sense -- for everyone's sake
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What the software-defined data center really means

August 13, 2012
As network virtualization matures, the software-defined data center will establish an open-ended environment for innovation
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Why is Nicira worth $1.2 billion?

August 06, 2012
In an exclusive interview with InfoWorld, the CTO of Nicira explains why VMware is paying big bucks for his company and how the acquisition will affect Nicira's key role in OpenStack
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HP's cloud guy: Why we're the enterprise cloud

July 30, 2012
In an exclusive interview, Biri Singh explains HP's cloud strategy and its focus on the needs of enterprise developers and operations
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