The wild, crazy world of databases

November 19, 2012
NoSQL offerings like Couchbase and MongoDB are making people think differently about the way they power Web apps
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The state of security: Fearmongering and surrender

November 12, 2012
With a combination of hyped threats and inadequate solutions, the security industry needs to take a long look at itself
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GitHub CEO: We're helping software eat the world

November 05, 2012
CEO Tom Preston-Werner explains the appeal of his cloud-based code repository, why Andreessen Horowitz invested $100 million, and what 'optimizing for happiness' really means
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Unlocking the value of big data

October 22, 2012
Announcing InfoWorld's new big data channel, covering the latest developments in a trend that's redefining the value of enterprise data
Big Data, NoSQL
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Eucalyptus CEO brings the cloud down to earth

October 15, 2012
Marten Mickos explains Eucalyptus' partnership with Amazon, what he thinks of OpenStack, and what customers are doing with the Eucalyptus private cloud platform
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Celebrating the role of enterprise architecture in business

October 08, 2012
In this year's InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards, five companies saw enterprise architecture as the best response to unprecedented change
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You too can get a job as a developer!

October 01, 2012
If you have the right education and experience working on a platform a handful of people have heard of, that is. How do you close the skills gap on a moving target?
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The great OpenStack balancing act

September 24, 2012
Can a vendor consortium cooperatively develop a cloud operating system without going off track? The new OpenStack Foundation and a small army of developers aim to find out
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Open source in 2012: Bigger and better than ever

September 18, 2012
This year's Best of Open Source Software awards includes a whopping 125 products in 7 categories. The real story is the technology leadership so many of these products display
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Microsoft earns cloud cred with Windows Server 2012

September 10, 2012
Officially released last week, Windows Server 2012 erases any doubt that Microsoft wants to play to win the private cloud game
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