What the software-defined data center really means

August 13, 2012
As network virtualization matures, the software-defined data center will establish an open-ended environment for innovation
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Why is Nicira worth $1.2 billion?

August 06, 2012
In an exclusive interview with InfoWorld, the CTO of Nicira explains why VMware is paying big bucks for his company and how the acquisition will affect Nicira's key role in OpenStack
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HP's cloud guy: Why we're the enterprise cloud

July 30, 2012
In an exclusive interview, Biri Singh explains HP's cloud strategy and its focus on the needs of enterprise developers and operations
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Shining a light on Oracle Cloud

July 16, 2012
An interview with Senior Vice President Abhay Parasnis offers insight on the inner workings, ultimate intent of Oracle Cloud
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Google Compute Engine: What took them so long?

July 02, 2012
Google says it was perfecting its IaaS offering, but an accidentally leaked analysis suggests alternative explanation
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A reality check for OpenStack

June 25, 2012
Lew Moorman, president of Rackspace, is bullish on OpenStack's future, but can any early-stage project survive so much excitement?
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Would you recommend your kid go into IT?

June 18, 2012
The era of the tech hero died with the dot-com bust, but an IT career can still be rewarding, especially if you learn your way around the business side
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Facebook's Open Compute and the future of IT

June 11, 2012
Open Compute 'open source hardware' initiative is all about specs for stripped-down, power-efficient equipment underlying next phase of computing
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Oracle's Mark Hurd: App complexity will drive customers to our cloud

June 07, 2012
In an exclusive InfoWorld interview, Oracle co-president Mark Hurd explains why launching the Oracle Public Cloud and competing with Oracle's own licensed software are great ideas
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Does the 'private cloud' make sense?

June 04, 2012
Go ahead, roll your eyes -- you've probably had enough cloud nonsense to last a lifetime. But automation is a good thing
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