Is Microsoft's Metro UI the real problem?

June 17, 2013
Microsoft's phone and tablet market shares remain stuck in single digits, which suggests Windows 8's difficulties go beyond the mishmash of Metro and Desktop UIs
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An open letter to Microsoft about Windows Red

June 03, 2013
All the talk of Windows 8.1, aka Windows 'Blue,' suggests changes will be minor. InfoWorld proposes a radical upgrade in Windows Red -- and invites Microsoft to comment
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Protect yourself from the coming cloud crack-up

May 20, 2013
The cloud is a virtual vending machine for Web applications, but helter-skelter adoption does not yield a healthy enterprise. Here's how to avoid the pitfalls
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Why we need data we can believe in

May 06, 2013
As we plunge headlong into the cloud era, we need reliable, API-accessible data sources to power a new generation of applications
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The Pivotal launch and what it means to IT

April 29, 2013
Pivotal, a new venture led by former VMware CEO Paul Maritz, sees a future rife with cloudy big data apps crunching sensor and user data -- and holds important clues to IT's future
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OpenStack turns up the heat

April 22, 2013
An open source project of towering proportions, OpenStack touts marquee enterprise customers and bold initiatives at its jam-packed summit. Can the momentum be sustained?
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How to become an accidental cloud service provider

April 15, 2013
At actuarial firm Milliman, adoption of Windows Azure public cloud became an adventure that transformed the business and deepened relationships with customers
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OpenDaylight: A big step toward the software-defined data center

April 08, 2013
A who's-who of industry players, including Cisco, launches open source project that could make SDN as pervasive as server virtualization
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Why the big data backlash is bad for IT

March 25, 2013
A conversation with Rod Smith, IBM big data visionary, suggests the upside for IT organizations that embrace big data projects -- and the risks for those that don't
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Call for entries: The 2013 Enterprise Architecture Awards

March 18, 2013
Does your company have an enterprise architecture initiative worth celebrating? Then submit your nomination for the 2013 InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards
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