6 lessons to learn from a happy IT organization

September 18, 2013
At DirecTV, IT stopped playing defense and took the lead, helping business management weigh key decisions. Here's how they pulled it off
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Paul Maritz: Pivotal is a bridge to the future

September 09, 2013
In an exclusive interview, Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz lays out his vision of the next generation of Internet applications and his company's role in helping IT build them
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Introducing InfoWorld's TechBrief newsletter

September 06, 2013
Sign up for TechBrief, a razor-sharp summary of all the tech news you need to know every morning. Read it and you're prepped for the day
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Why Steve Ballmer is headed for the exit

August 26, 2013
If you helped build an American icon, would you want the misery of tearing it down in order to fix it?
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VMware takes another whack at the cloud

August 12, 2013
Bill Fathers, senior VP for hybrid cloud, dishes on VMware's new partner strategy to deliver hybrid cloud computing to the enterprise
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Can Infor upset the Oracle-SAP duopoly?

August 05, 2013
CEO Charles Phillips says his efforts have transformed the No. 3 vendor of enterprise software and readied it for battle with the titans
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Open source races to the top

July 29, 2013
Not only is open source producing the most exciting new software, it's creating a DMZ where big players can shape the future of enterprise tech
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Are we in an enterprise startup bubble?

July 22, 2013
This year, enterprises will spend more than $2.5 trillion on IT. You can forgive VCs for wanting a piece, but the real market is much, much smaller
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Introducing InfoWorld's New Tech Forum

July 15, 2013
Where can you find out how new enterprise technology really works without the hype? InfoWorld offers an exciting new resource for technologists with our New Tech Forum
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The big shift in business technology

July 08, 2013
As the autonomous IT department fractures and businesses opt for cloud or professional services, we invite you to tell us how your own organization is changing
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