Why the big data backlash is bad for IT

March 25, 2013
A conversation with Rod Smith, IBM big data visionary, suggests the upside for IT organizations that embrace big data projects -- and the risks for those that don't
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Call for entries: The 2013 Enterprise Architecture Awards

March 18, 2013
Does your company have an enterprise architecture initiative worth celebrating? Then submit your nomination for the 2013 InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards
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What IBM's embrace of OpenStack really means

March 11, 2013
IBM becomes new de facto leader of OpenStack project after announcing all its cloud products will be built around core OpenStack bits
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The truth about working at home

March 04, 2013
The silly media debates over whether telecommuting is bad or good miss the point. It's all about the quality of management
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Take InfoWorld's IT survey for fun and profit

February 25, 2013
Tell us your IT priorities and help guide what we cover -- and be eligible to win $500 in the bargain
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Tech support tanks -- when we need it most

February 11, 2013
Users have been empowered to choose their own devices, but when IT isn't in the loop, vendor tech support is critical -- and ain't what it used to be
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Technical education at the speed of tech

February 04, 2013
As tech enjoys an unprecedented growth spurt, it's harder than ever for education to keep up. A few innovators light the way
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Why you should jump into big data

January 28, 2013
At a low cost of entry, the emerging technologies that define the big data trend are already delivering value, so first consider the problems you need to solve -- then dive in
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10gen CEO: Why we're the NoSQL leader

January 22, 2013
An interview with Dwight Merriman examines the genesis of MongoDB, the first popular document database -- and where the dynamic NoSQL trend will go from here
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Your guide to the year's best technology

January 14, 2013
This year's InfoWorld Technology of the Year Awards provides a more valuable buying guide than ever, with 35 winners that collectively point to important shifts in enterprise tech
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